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10 Of My Favourite Trading Websites And Tools

Some of my favourite trading websites and tools

There are thousands of trading websites and tools out there. This list contains some of my favourites.

I’ve left out a few of the really popular ones since everyone knows about them already.

Hopefully you’ll find a few new websites to add to your bookmarks.


Most people know about Finviz already but I had to put it on this list because it’s the only trading website I look at daily.

The first thing I always do is hit the futures tab and get an overview of 48 futures markets. It always provides a great overview of what’s happening.

After that I delve into the screener and look at some stocks I’m interested in.

Finviz does have some faults. It’s poor on mobile and the backtester isn’t good.

But in my mind, it’s the best platform out there for keeping up to date with the markets.

A few tips:

  • If you want to screen for ETFs, go to the screener and select Exchange Traded Funds in the industry field.
  • You can scrape some of this data into Google Sheets – see this blog post for an explanation.
  • If the ads are too annoying get the Elite version. It’s well worth the money in my opinion.


Kaggle is a platform for data scientists that contains a variety of crowdsourced datasets.

Datasets such as stock market data, Twitter trends, crime statistics and even historical avocado prices.

The advantage of Kaggle is that the data is mostly free. The downside is that some of the data is not as clean as it could be.

But it’s a real interesting site and contains a number of competitions with well funded prizes too. For example, this one from Two Sigma that has a top prize of $25,000.


Quantpedia curates quant trading strategies from various sources and presents them in easy to digest form.

This is another website I use quite a lot. It contains a tonne of good quality research and provides lots of inspiration for new trading ideas.

I’m slowly working my way through many of the strategies on Quantpedia and testing them for myself such as this one I did called Half Day Reversal.


Intrinio is another site that provides datasets that can be used for analysis and backtesting.

There is high quality data available on Intrinio and it is relatively affordable too.

This is a website that I am currently looking into and hoping to work more closely with over the next few months. It’s very similar to Quandl in that you can work with lots of data using an API, Excel or with python.

I just need to find an easy way to import this data into Amibroker and I’ll be able to explore the possibilities fully.

Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns is a great aggregator blog that’s been going since 2005.

Every day the site has some new stories and interesting articles to read on the topics of personal finance, investing and markets.

I should probably visit this site more than I do. It’s a great resource to visit on a regular basis.

Allocate Smartly

Allocate Smartly lets you observe and track the historical performance of various asset allocation strategies; strategies such as Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio, 60:40, Growth Trend Timing, Dual Momentum etc.

The best thing about Allocate Smartly is that you can combine different allocation strategies together and see how they perform. The site will tell you what you need to buy and email you when you need to make adjustments to your portfolio.

I’m currently using Allocate Smartly to track a portfolio that has been constructed out of three of the pre-built allocation models and it is up 10.14% YTD.

Crystal Bull

This is a simple little site that provides an overview of some common market indicators such as VIX, RSI, personal income, sentiment, productivity etc.

I like the way the indicators are all presented in a pressure-gauge style which allows the eye to easily see what the indicators are telling us.

Another good site I like for market indicators is Trading Economics.


The Social Sciences Research Network provides access to lots of academic papers related to finance and investing. For example, you can read Eugene Fama’s classic paper on the three factor model or Meb Faber’s piece on Relative Strength.

In truth, a lot of the papers I have read contain strategies that I have been unable to verify in my own testing. However, I still enjoy this site for reading interesting papers and it always sparks my imagination for new trading ideas.


RavenPack provides a powerful AI based news engine that is useful for tracking trends and market sentiment.

The dashboard quickly shows which stocks and which news stories are trending and then it scores each article by bullishness or bearishness so you quickly get an idea of how it could move the market.

I used the service for a while and found it very good at picking out early news stories.

However, I have stopped looking at news sentiment because I am currently working on purely price based systems. I may give Ravenpack another go some day and I definitely recommend it if news analysis is what you’re after.


This is another website that I am currently exploring and quite excited about.

Alpaca lets you build automated algorithms in the cloud and trade without commissions. It comes with free data, example algorithms and gives you unlimited paper trading.

They even let you trade their API through a Google spreadsheet which sounds super interesting and something I’m keen to explore.

Backtesters & Automated Trading Platforms

There are tonnes of backtesting platforms now so it is hard to pick just one favourite.

The best thing to do is to go through them and see which ones suit you best.

I use Amibroker and have done a bit of work in Quantopian. I also use Norgate and eSignal for data.

Here’s a list of some other good platforms for backtesting:

What About You?

I hope you found something interesting in the list above. Please let us all know what trading websites and tools you use in the comments below…

I’d be particularly interested to hear of any good trading apps you use as I don’t know of many. The Interactive Brokers app is pretty good but that’s about it.

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