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Amibroker AFL Collection – Finding Inspirational Amibroker Formulas


The Amibroker trading platform is extremely fast, flexible and is excellent value for money. I’ve been using the software since 2011 and my Amibroker AFL collection has grown considerably in that time.

Whether you’re interested in building trading systems, trading long term trends, or simply doing technical analysis, you’ll be able to do that and lots more with Amibroker.

amibroker afl collection postIf you are just starting out, make sure to take a look at all of the tutorials that are available on the Amibroker website and also in the Amibroker Help files.

If you are looking for specific AFL or examples of AFL then read on to see where I go searching.

Best Amibroker AFL Collection

There are several places that I go to look for Amibroker AFL, however, it can be difficult to find well produced codes at a reasonable cost. There are also places you can find free AFL. But as you can imagine, the quality varies a lot when you’re getting something for nothing.

Amibroker Members Area

One of the best resources is the Amibroker AFL library and the Amibroker members area which is available to paid users only. You can find lots of good codes there, some submitted by fellow users and some by Amibroker staff.

Developer of Amibroker, Tomasz Janeczko also regularly codes up trading strategies that have been published in the industry magazine, Technical Analysis For Stocks & Commodities. Some really great ideas can be found by going through the archives:

Amibroker Forum

Another good source for Amibroker code is the Amiboker Yahoo! forum. This forum was in operation for many years although it has now been replaced by a new Discourse forum.

There are plenty of code snippets and examples posted in the Yahoo forum as well as the new forum so those places are always worth a visit. Keep them bookmarked and visit them regularly.

Codes On This Website

If you hadn’t already noticed I also regularly post some ready to use Amibroker codes on this very website. Sometimes I post full AFL codes and other times I just post short snippets.

Following are some examples. If you scroll down the page on each of these posts, you should be able to see the code I have written:

Other Sources

There are also many other websites and places that you can go to pick up some Amibroker AFL. As mentioned, the quality varies so always be careful when implementing any system. But the following places are often a good place to start:

Problems With Free Systems

Unfortunately, as with most free resources, finding the good stuff is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Free Amibroker AFL can often have coding mistakes and compiling errors.

Another problem with any Amibroker AFL collection, is that any trading system you find online is available for anyone to use. Because of this, you’re pretty unlikely to find a system that works well.

However, good trading systems can be found amongst the rubble if you look for long enough, I have found some in the past.

Even if it does contain errors, Amibroker AFL that you find online can always be adjusted, altered and learnt from for your own means.

Don’t Forget The Data

Another important thing to remember when using Amibroker is that a trading system is only as good as the data you’re using.

It is essential to use high quality, clean stock data. Otherwise you will end up with a flawed trading system that will lose money in real trading.

I use Norgate Premium Data and am very happy, especially with the new historical constituents database which comes with the new NDU program. You can get a free trial to demo the service:

Premium AFL

If you are looking for more premium Amibroker AFL, our program Marwood Research contains numerous trading systems and all of the Amibroker formulas are provided.

The trading systems shown on my courses are the best trading systems I’ve found from years of back-testing and research. They are all simple, straightforward systems that can be easily implemented on a daily or weekly basis.

We provide the full Amibroker formulas for all of our strategies so as to remain transparent and help you build trading strategies of your own:

Bonus Trading System AFL

I have also developed a free Amibroker trading system that is a long only, trend following strategy for US stocks.

This particular system is based on very simple rules and made a 56% return in 2013. It is a simple and robust system that can act as a useful template for your future trading strategy. And it can be downloaded for free below:

Howard Bandy’s Books

The only other source I can think of right now if you are looking for Amibroker AFL is to buy one of Howard Bandy’s books. Bandy knows his way around the software like the back of his hand and once you have purchased a book you’ll be able to download the code.

I particularly recommend the books Quantitative Technical Analysis and Mean Reversion Trading Systems. (They are all reasonably priced in my view considering you also get to download the code).

  • Howard Bandy’s Books

So that’s about all of the places I can think of right now that you can find Amibroker codes. If you have any resources that you know of please leave them in the comments.


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Require to create Popup Alert AFL for Amibroker

i have draw the horizontal/trend line in so many stocks in multipal time frame (2 min , 5 min , 15min , 30 min , hrs. and daily) and whenever price will cross and close above (selected time candle) of horizontal/trend line then require “POPUP” alert and same think below the horizontal/trend line and close the price below the horizontal/trend line.
input area are as under.
Input Area
selective stock,
selective time frame
price close above horizontal/trend line
price close below horizontal/trend line

Let me know the charges

Sorry, I don’t tend to do custom programming. I’m sure there are others who can assist you. Thanks.

sir do you have afl or afl code for the gunners 24 based on gann fan and sq of 9 technique

http://www.wisestocktrader.com has by far the largest collection of Amibroker formulas.

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