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4 Best Stock Screeners


There are over 8000 stocks listed in the US and nearly 4000 on the NYSE alone. With so many to choose from, it’s essential to have a method to whittle them down into smaller numbers. Here are my 4 best stock screeners, all of which are freely available on the web:

Best stock screeners:

1 – Finviz.com

Finviz stands for financial visualisations as it provides a number of visual representations of stock market data including candlestick charts, technical formations and heat maps. It’s probably my favourite stock screener because it’s so easy to use yet incredibly powerful. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are loads of metrics you can use to narrow down your search including fundamentals and technical indicators.

However, my favourite thing about Finviz is that if you sign up as a free member you can create your own custom stock screens and these can then be quickly exported to Excel for further analysis.

finviz best stock screeners








2 – Zacks

The Zacks screener is also very powerful and one of the best stock screeners on the web. It differs from Finviz in that it doesn’t carry many technical indicators but it makes up for it by providing a wealth of fundamentral metrics including dividend history and balance sheet information. It also provides broker recommendations and the Zacks stock rankings.

There’s also an option to run your stock screens over past data which could be a very handy tool although it does require signing up for a free trial.

Zacks best stock screeners

3 – Yahoo!

The Yahoo stock screener is pretty old but it’s still a good one. It pulls data straight from it’s finance pages and can therefore be used to find stocks incredibly quickly. Although it doesn’t contain as many metrics as Zacks or Finvix, the best thing about the Yahoo stock screener is that you can set your values very precisely and therefore find the stocks that meet your exact requirements.

Yahoo best stock screeners

4 – Google Finance

The Google stock screener appears fairly limited at first but once you work out how to add criteria you soon realise it is capable of a whole lot more. I counted around 60 financial metrics and ratios in all which can be easily tuned to give narrow search results. The other benefit is that the screener is being rolled out to other countries too including the UK, Australia, Canada and more. This is particularly useful since most stock screeners around only focus on US markets.

Google best stock screeners


There are plenty others out there on the web but I found these to be the best stock screeners available (freely anyway).

The stock screener from Zignals looks impressive but I was put off by having to download a Microsoft plugin. The screener could be worth a look though since it carries stocks from other countries such as the UK. I have also heard good things about the E*Trade stock screener though it requires signing up first which can take a while.

Investors Chronicle and GuruFocus also have good screeners and I talk about these in my free video series.

My Free Video Course

In my free video course I show a number of tutorials on stock screeners. You can take the course for free here and learn how to use over 20 of my favourite trading tools. The course includes tutorials on the Finviz screener, Google Screener, GuruFocus, Investors Chronicle and Seeking Alpha.

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We have created a powerful, free (forever!), stock-picking tool, with 68000 stocks worldwide and 18 (for now) investment guru strategies (Buffett, Graham, Templeton, O’Shaugnessy and many more): http://www.meetinvest.com/

It would be great if you would check the platform out and add the tool to the list, if you find it being useful.

It is not really a stock screener, since it does this automated following said strategies, but perhaps it is still helpful.

Hi Dimitri
Looks great, thanks.

Hello, Finviz recently disabled the export function for registered users. Now if you want to export your stock screen, you would have to subscribe for some 30+USD/month.

Just FYI.


Hi Mike, thanks for the comment, I hadn’t realised that. Very annoying!

Well, using MarketXLS works for me. Its great.

Thanks, will check it out

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