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20 Basic Amibroker Buy Arguments


amibroker logo amibroker buy argumentsUsing Amibroker it is possible to build sophisticated trading systems with just a few lines of code. Complexity is not an important ingredient for a good trading system. The most important thing is to build a system that is based on an edge, some identifiable pattern that you have found in the data itself which you believe results in profitable trades.

Following are 20 simple Amibroker buy arguments to use as part of a trading system or not at all. They are basic and won’t make a trader any money on their own.

Make sure to test the codes before using them. I have written them up from memory on my way back from a trip so I can make no guarantees. It’s been a busy day, much work and a little play.

For more Amibroker ideas see my post on Amibroker collections.

20 Amibroker buy arguments

Buy when open crosses EMA 25
FastEMA = EMA (C,25);
Buy = Cross(O, FastEMA);

Buy when open is higher than yesterday’s close
Buy = O > Ref(C,-1);

Buy when open higher than yesterday’s high
Buy = O > Ref(H,-1);

Buy when close is higher than yesterday’s low
Buy = C > Ref(L,-1);

Buy when open higher than EMA 25
Buy = O > EMA(O,25);

Buy when close higher than EMA 50
Buy = C > EMA(C,50);

Buy on golden cross (moving average crossover)
Buy = Cross (EMA(C,50),EMA(C,200));

Buy when RSI lower than 30
Buy = RSI(14) < 30;

Buy when open is above top Bollinger Band
Buy = O > BBandTop(O,15,2);

Buy when close is below bottom Bollinger Band
Buy = C < BBandBot(C,15,2);

Buy on a Monday
buy = dayofweek() == 1;

Buy on a Tuesday
buy = dayofweek() == 2;

Buy on a Wednesday
buy = dayofweek() == 3;

Buy on a Thursday
buy = dayofweek() == 4;

Buy on a Friday 
buy = dayofweek() == 5;

Buy when ADX is over 20
Buy = ADX(14) > 20;

Buy on 100 bar high
Buy = H > Ref(HHV(H,100),-1)

Buy when EMA crosses over and high is highest for 200 days
Buy = Cross(EMA(C,50), EMA(C,200))AND H > Ref(HHV(H,200),-1)

Buy after third higher open in a row
Buy = O>Ref(O,-1)AND Ref(O,-1)>Ref(O,-2)AND Ref(O,-2)>Ref(O,-3);

Buy when RSI crosses 70
VRSI = RSI(14);
Buy = Cross( 70, VRSI );

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